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Our culture

The Stoov culture

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We are warm

We’re a bunch of really warm but very chill human beings. We put people first because we’re growing this company together.

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We bring it

Warming the hearts and homes of people across the planet calls for a big and bold mindset. And we’re in it to win it. There. We said it.

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We flip it

We’re a ‘what if’ kind of company. Because challenging the way things are is the first step in changing them for the better.

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We want to be the place to DEIB

We welcome everyone with wide open arms. We create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. And free to share the best version of themselves. No matter how they identify, who they love or what culture they feel at home in. For us, different people bring different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. And we need all of those to grow as a company, and as individuals.

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Wellbeing & Sustainability

Warming people, not the planet, is something we take very seriously at Stoov. We do everything with sustainability in mind and are hard on our way to becoming B corp.

When we’re not thinking about mother earth, we’re thinking about you. It’s really important to us that you feel safe, welcome and appreciated. We’re a brand built on positive energy.

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Awards and nominations

  • FT 1000: Nr 36 in 2023
  • Oryx at FD Gazellen in 2022
  • Crossborder Top30: Nr 7 in 2022
  • DeloitteFast50: Nr 12 in 2022
  • Crossborder Top30: Nr 1 in 2021
  • Hiswa Hebbeding 2018 Consumentenprijs

The Stoov Office

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DJ Heleen

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Wise Teun & Lodi

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Happy Frank

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