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We are warm

We’re a bunch of really warm but very chill human beings. We put people first because we’re growing this company together.

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We bring it

Warming the hearts and homes of people across the planet calls for a big and bold mindset. And we’re in it to win it. There. We said it.

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We flip it

We’re a ‘what if’ kind of company. Because challenging the way things are is the first step in changing them for the better.

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What we do, we do with passion

We ‘flip’ the way we use warmth and bring it to you in a stylish design. With our energy-efficient heating cushions and heating pads you save money, contribute to the environment and they seamlessly fit into your interior and your outdoor lifestyle. We warm people, not the planet. This means that we produce our products and run our business with sustainability always at the forefront of our minds. Our mission? To bring personalised and energy-efficient warmth into every household on the planet.

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Join our mission

We are a fast-growing lifestyle brand and already the market leader in Europe in heating indoor and outdoor cushions and pads. We sell our products online directly to consumers and the hospitality industry and are always on the lookout for talent to help us achieve our mission. We are building a global brand, expanding to new markets and continuously improving and developing our product, while ensuring we offer a great customer experience. We are looking for passionate specialists who are eager to join our team on this adventure.

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We warm people

Warmth is something we engage with every day. Not only when it comes to our product, it is also implemented in our brand, our expressions, our language and our behaviours. Naturally, we want to offer our employees a warm working culture. We foster a positive and relaxed atmosphere where there is a lot of mutual commitment.

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The Stoov ski trip

We have fun together

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